Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hot places in the virtual for linguists

Vocabulary quizzes: Here you will increase your vocabulary in terms of the English language. 

It really works ! Very exciting stuff!

Professional advice: Good for both interpreters and translators who have English as one of their languages. Anything that makes us know more about the meaning attached to any piece of discourse of one of our languages helps us.
Possible problems: We are not sure we believe you are able to post the results to your Facebook or Twitter. We have tried to do that and we do not think we can publish our score in any of them, despite their promises. We can at most advertise their page there. 

Spelling-bee sort of thing: Here you will listen to a word and then try to guess how it is spelt.
Professional advice: Good for interpreters only, we assume. Anything that helps us with listening in one of our languages, and we include note-taking in the description of listening, helps us improve our performance in interpreting.
Possible problems: Translators need to know how to spell, of course, and this is obviously useful to anyone who deals with the English language. It is just not something that we would recommend to train a translator. 

They show an image and you have to choose the word that best describes what they point at or the own image, as a whole.
Professional recommendation: Good for both interpreters and translators, since the skills are needed for both professions (sometimes people point at things to tell the interpreter what they mean, for instance). Most of the people, including linguists, have good pictorial memory, so that this can only help everyone who works with the English language to best. 

Please help the SPTIA help our professional class by doing one of its courses:

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