Monday, 10 February 2014

Glossary (Port <-> Eng): Miscellaneous

This glossary is provided to you by the SPTIA (Syndicate of Professional Translators and Interpreters of Australia) as a courtesy. Please give back to this institution: You may, for instance, attend one of their courses ( seems to be an excellent choice - Please try and then ethical in the search box if this address does not work).

Australia Brazil
Offense (police) Delito
Crime Crime
Overseas No estrangeiro (is overseas)
Para o estrangeiro (travel overseas)
Child support Pensao alimenticia (para os filhos)
Child Support Agency Agencia de suporte a crianca
First in charge Primeiro no comando
Second in charge Segundo no comando
Helper Ajudante
Tradie Biscateiro
Fair Trade Office
Escritorio do negocio justo (Int.)
Work Ombudsman Ouvidoria do trabalho
Renderer (tradies) Rebocador
Boner Desossador
Meat factory Abatedouro
Billing department Departamento de cobranca
Trade Negocio
Incident report Ficha de incidente
Reverse (car) Dar marcha-a-re
Vegemite Vegemite (pasta de levedura de cerveja)
Creamy cheese Requeijao
Cream cheese Creme de queijo

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