Sunday, 27 April 2014


If you want to get more certificates but you cannot afford those, perhaps you could try Udemy. Once in a while they offer some free courses and they all will give you a certificate.

There are also very cheap certificates (AU$ 20), such as the one we offer through their interface, which actually has got a very meaningful name, a name that causes a lot of impact: Ethical Codes For Translators and Interpreters (Ethical Codes). 

If you want to prove you know something without having a certificate, you can try some sites that specialize in that and provide you with a key that you can make available to others.

In this case, you can try Smarterer (it is free. The own questions and time for those, also technical side, IT, might be a problem, but you may be lucky and get a test that is worth it. The truth is that nobody will know of whatever problem you found there and the names plus what is offered look OK). The Interpreting Test would be a good suggestion.

Their address is

If you want to prove that you can enter data, say you are applying for a position in which data entry power is an item of relevance, or if you want to practice or learn, you have at least two good options, and they are both free:

If you want a source of black and white symbols that you can change into colored through, for instance, Microsoft Word, so that you improve the looks of your website, for instance, you can try the following websites (all free):

If you want to acquire contacts in the metier and you do not have money or you do not know how to start, join LinkedIn (it is free too):

This is for you to do social networking and acquire contacts in any branch of the business of Translation or Interpreting. We are in this one too and you can find us through the e-mail

People like us may even be officially out of the T & I circuit, but because they are always working with T & I in their normal lives and in their jobs, are always involved with something that is dense and related, they will be at least a good connector for you, if nothing else (the book Tipping Point, which is a horrible book in our opinion, brings a set of names that seems to be quite useful here. We would classify ourselves as a maven, but at least sometimes we play the role of the connectors).

Obs.: We now also have a 40-dollar certificate. This one brings 20 ys+ of experience condensed in a few hours of presentation. The hottest hints ever, which, more than likely, nobody else will give to you. Just click on the link if you are interested.

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