Monday, 28 April 2014


There are quite a few virtual places that you could be visiting to try to find work in Translation and Interpreting.

We are a bit against those in which you have to bid to get the job.

The ethical implications are very serious in all this.

We believe that competition in the area should be established in terms of skills, therefore proof of competency, not in terms of prices.

Besides, we believe in having a minimum price per job in order for the class to be regarded as a workers' class, rather than a class of people who do not get minimum return for their efforts, and therefore are probably doing T or I just for fun or something.

Even so, we will be passing a few links of relevance to you.

Some people claim to have found jobs through these providers.

1) PROz: PROz

    You can join in without paying anything. You can also   publish your articles there.
    Some jobs are offered only for those who join in.

2) Translators Caffe: Translators' Caffe

     It is the same scheme as that of PROz.


    Free to join and advertise.

4) Elance: Elance

    Free to join and advertise.

5) Translator Base: Translators' Base

     You will have to pay to bid. 

6) Translators' Town: Translators' Town

     You will also have to pay to bid.

7) Genko: Genko

     We do not believe in their tests. They seem to be unethical and unprofessional.
     They do not let you join until you pass those.
     You may need to be good at gambling, rather than at    translation, since some languages have absurd proposals and absurd answers. To make it worse, the result is unacceptable.

There are more places in the virtual where you can find jobs or advertise your skills, but you can get a fair idea on what is available from visiting the links above.

Please help the SPTIA help our professional class by doing one of its courses:

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