Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Glossary (Port <-> Eng): Family Terms

This glossary is provided to you by the SPTIA (Syndicate of Professional Translators and Interpreters of Australia) as a courtesy. Please give back to this institution: You may, for instance, attend one of their courses (https://www.udemy.com/ethical-codes-for-translators-and-interpreters/ seems to be an excellent choice - Please try www.udemy.com and then ethical in the search box if this address does not work).

Australia Brazil
Stepfather Padrasto
Stepmother Madrasta
Stepson Enteado
Mother-in-law                              Sogra
Father-in-law Sogro
Godmother Madrinha
Godfather Padrinho
Grandson Neto
Grandchildren Netos
Kids/Children Crianças/Filhos
Siblings Irmãos
Partner Parceiro(a)
Spouse Esposo(a)
Husband Marido
Wife Esposa
Separated Separado(a)/os/as
Divorced Divorciado(a)/os/as
Parents Pais
Grandparents Avós

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