Saturday, 3 January 2015

Glossary (Port <-> Eng): Call Center, Client, Terms

This glossary is provided to you by the SPTIA (Syndicate of Professional Translators and Interpreters of Australia) as a courtesy. Please give back to this institution: You may, for instance, attend one of their courses ( 

Upper caseCaixa alta (old expression in Brazil. Not in use anymore. Prefer capital letters in Interpreting)
Lower caseCaixa baixa (old expression in Brazil. Not in use anymore. Prefer non-capital letters in Interpreting)
To escalate in the scaleAgravar
To escalate the problemTransferir para as instâncias mais altas
Escalation              Agravamento
Capital letter/Non-capital letterMaiúscula/Minúscula
In boldEm negrito
UnderscoreTracinho em baixo
Text messageMensagem de texto para celular
MobileCelular (Brazil)/Telemóvel (Portugal)
ExchangeTronco (the exchange is not communicating)/caixa comutadora (we have to check the exchange there)
LandlineLinha terrestre (is there a landline there?)
Telefone fixo (is there a landline number?)
Wi-FiRede aérea (de Internet) (connect to the Wi-Fi)
To unlockDestrancar
To unplugDesconectar
Reset Reinicializar (to reset the modem)
To bootReiniciar
CrashedDeu pau (Brazil, the computer crashed)/Ficou maluco (Brazil, the computer crashed)/Deu tilt (Brazil, the computer crashed)/Deu problema (Brazil and Portugal, the computer crashed)

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