Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Problems and Solutions for the Interpreting Profession (I)

We have been thinking for a while about the dramas of the interpreting profession.

Today it occurred to us that we should not only have the special telephone sets we referred to in a past post here (Past Post), but we should also have someone who would serve the purposes of being our backup, so that whenever we think that the interpreting task is too heavy or inappropriate for some reason, so say we are getting emotionally involved, psychologically troubled, or we need to do something that we did not expect but the call is taking too long, we could just press a button and be replaced with a backup.

That would be good for the interpreters, since they would have more freedom, could finally comply with the ethical code, and would have more jobs available to them (there would now be a backup, and therefore one more position being created, the number of positions being proportional to the number of interpreters), and would be just appropriate for the clients, who otherwise would have to cope with the decrease in the quality of the services provided.

Trivially, this would be the best thing that could happen to all involved, especially the company, which then would always be operating to best.

The special telephone set, like we described on Past Post, could then have another special button just for that purpose, that of withdrawal upon not-so-extraordinary, and yet important, conditions. 

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