Monday, 9 March 2015

All the Care on Earth with Dictionaries and Assertions about Inclusions

It seems that the modern thinking in lexicon building is that anything that may exist will be listed. 

Infopedia, for instance, brings an option for us to suggest modifications or new dictionary entries.

One of the words that caught our attention recently was industriário.

Until today (10/03/15), the Aurélio, which is considered one of the most complete Brazilian dictionaries ever, does not have industriário in its online volume (Aurélio).

Infopedia, however, does define this word (Infopedia, industriário).

That is why we have to be  always with our lexicons in front of us, quite sincerely: Regardless of whether we are providing services in translation or interpreting, these are fundamental tools.

We should always have immediate access to the latest and most complete dictionary for the pair we work with and this access has to be provided to us by means of at least a computer (we should also need an Internet connection). 

The modern tablets can guarantee that we do not go through any shame and make court officers wait, for instance, as we browse the lexicon.

If working from home, we can obviously have a normal computer with Internet access available at all times and in front of us as we provide our services.

A word that initially sounds odd to us may be more than known to everyone else because the speed of the Internet is much higher than the speed of the printed volumes.

In particular, there are situations in which it is mandatory that we have access to such resources, say when we are interpreting for the medical sector: All of a sudden, the name of a drug or disease we have not yet heard about, even because these things are created on a daily basis, can be mentioned. Not only it might be impossible for us to have a priori knowledge of these expressions, but it might be even more impossible to be able to come up with a perfect equivalent in the other language by the moment we need.

We must definitely fight more for better conditions of employment, and that has to include the special telephone sets (Special Telephone) and tablets as a minimum thing if we are working as contractors and therefore, more than likely, under high financial hardship. 

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