Saturday, 29 August 2015

Glossary (Port.<-> Eng.): Pole and Similar Stuff

This glossary is provided to you by the SPTIA (Syndicate of Professional Translators and Interpreters of Australia) as a courtesy. Please give back to this institution: You may, for instance, attend one of their courses ( 

Chicken DrumCoxa/Coxinha de galinha
Ear DrumTambor do ouvido
Drums (play the drums)Tambor
PostPoste (Lamp post)
Pillar Pilar
High JumpSalto em altura
Pole JumpSalto de vara
Distance JumpSalto em distância
Triple JumpSalto triplo
SplintTala (to fix the body)
RodVara/Haste/Pistola (pistol)/Bastão/Pino (surgery, BR)
BarBarra (chocolate bar, iron bar)
Pin/Safety pinAlfinete
Pin (bank)Código
Stick (Stick Game)Vareta
Sticky Note Nota Gomada
Stick to itContinue na mesma/fazendo a mesma coisa
Pole DanceDança do Pilar

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