Saturday, 19 September 2015

It Cannot Get Any Dirtier than This!

Warning: The words you are about to see are really really really dirty and belong to the vocabulary of those who are really really really impolite. They, however, do appear with frequency in interpreting sessions, so that it might be interesting to compile such a list. Please do not continue reading if there is any chance this will offend you. Please let us know if exhibiting these words here is a crime/offence as well because we have no idea. Cunt and fuck, for instance, do appear in the dictionary, so that we assume that is not illegal. As another point, the AUSIT code tells us to interpret things exactly as they are, so that we also have to get used to this not to blush during an assignment or feel inhibited in any sense. 

This glossary is provided to you by the SPTIA (Syndicate of Professional Translators and Interpreters of Australia) as a courtesy. Please give back to this institution: You may, for instance, attend one of their courses ( 

Mother fucker
Fodedor de mãe (never used there. They would probably say Son of a Bitch instead)
Son of a bitchFilho(a) da puta
Merda (the literal meaning would be foda, but it is never used in the sense those who speak English use Fuck)
Merda/bosta (bosta is more for people from the South of Brazil and merda is more for the people from RJ/SP)
It is such a shit
É uma merda danada (more literal translation)/É foda
I am screwed
Fodeu (RJ)/Me ferrei (South of Brazil)/Tô fodido (RJ, closest in literal translation)
He shits everything
Ele ferra com tudo (South)/Ele só faz merda (RJ/SP)
Fuck youVai se foder (RJ/SP)
Cadela (South)/Piranha (SP/RJ)/Vagabunda (SP)
Don't mess up with meNão me provoca
Get lost 
Vai para a puta que o pariu (RJ/SP, bad names and low thing)/Desaparece da minha frente (South)
Fucked in the head
Tem a cabeça cheia de merda (RJ/SP)/bosta (South)/Tem a cabeça toda fodida (more literal)
Xoxota (RJ), pexereca (none of them has an offensive sense, however. This is another gap case. These words simply denote the female genitalia in the popular expressions of Brazil), vaca (this is from RJ and has a very similar meaning, it is said to a woman we think is a bitch, a prostitute, a monster, and etc. Literally, it means cow), boceta (more offensive name for the female genitalia)
You are a dickhead
Você só pensa em sexo (no dirty words, literally you only think of sex. Gap case)
Fodedor (the same as fucker, gap case)
His was tiny (dick)O pinto dele era pequenino
He was really big (dick)O pinto dele era enorme
He's such a dick 
Ele é um piranho (rarely seen in their expression)

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