Saturday, 2 July 2016

Generalized Disrespect

Obama is actually the person who stopped America from saving the rest of my life in 2007 and so far, and I hope you know that. Because it was him, I actually got told that I had to be black to be saved, basically. The American police, civil, rushed, told their boss, and they were actually all blacks, believe it or not. The person I spoke to at the civil police in NYC was still a woman, an American black woman. She rushed after I let her aware that Joao Carlos Ricci Terra (he is American), my own cousin and legal brother (adopted by my mother and father at an early age) was attacking my basic rights since at most 2002, and the top boss of their NYC civil police got to see and know all in no time. From him it went to Obama straight away, and some Hollywoodian actors ALSO told him with a bit of delay. Instead of saving me, he prolonged it all, and actually guaranteed that I would have way less chance of being saved than I had before him, believe it or not.

We got told confusing information about him, including that he did not have an undergraduate and had not been born in the USA. That would mean that he actually did not satisfy the legal requirements not even to be a candidate to the American presidency. The same press that spread that changed it in later communications however. He was actually put in power by the marginals from Brazil who attacked my life in Australia even before I arrived, some relatives included, such as Lea Ricci Pinheiro. 

Now, he shows maximum public disrespect not only for my life, head, body, career, and existence in general, not only for Science, human rights, democracy, capitalism, and the law, but also for the professions of Translator and Interpreter. He should have said that this man was an interpreter, not a translator, first of all. In second place, the man could never be doing the things he is doing if he is mimicking the work of a professional interpreter, so that this is generalized disrespect with Interpreting. As a plus, this is a horrible scoff at the entire America. You will see that several American flags were burnt soon after he became a president and some armed forces members suffered governmental abuse soon after that too. You will find some interesting facts about him in the blog that I have named Curiosities

Shame. They never think that they have gone too far in what they do and nobody who is righteous is ever able to stop them in time, before they injure us in a fatal or permanent way, and in a way to give us no chance not even of fighting. 

See what I am talking about: 

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