Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Australian Baby Shower

Be prepared for the world where a dummy cannot ever be a doll in a car: Australians do use the sigmatoid dummy to mean anything that can be put in the mouth to occupy the teeth of the babies. It is hard to imagine what Brazilians would use in place. I was just discussing that with Adrian, a fellow from Spanish, and the conclusion is that perhaps we would have to use several sigmatoids to replace that one, so say coisa macia para morder. Pacifier is more commonly seen applied to chupeta, but it can be anything that calms down the baby and is of the type. Again, coisa macia para morder would be OK. 

Cots are caminhas feitas de tecido grosso em estrutura que pode desarmar or simply caminhas suspensas. The most common decision for interpreters that I have seen is Cyril's: In doubt, repeat in the original language. In this case, you can say cot. You could also say pacificador in Portuguese for pacifier, of course. It is just that it is not everyone who will understand this. Cot and crib are the same thing according to the dictionary (freedictionary). 

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