Friday, 3 February 2017

Psychology and Interpreting

I first thought that bonding time was something useless after arriving at the locations of the assignments a few minutes before the starting time a few times: It all seemed waste of all most of the time. Sometimes they had questions that I could take note before the consultation and I would then be able to help them better. Sometimes they had requests and they could make them clearer outside of the session, when more time was available and the conversation was more informal. Apart from this, most of the time, it seemed to be complete waste of time. I was then having at most fifteen minutes to bond with the client before the starting time. 

Well, my latest experiences have revealed very different results: Due to the delay we got because of the non-NES, we had about one hour to bond and the assignment was then a wonderful experience, the best we could have had. 

I concluded that it is all just like in Clinical Psychology, where Dr. Lea Maria was an ace: Bonding time should be something like one consultation, therefore something between 45 minutes and one hour. 

All the principles of group work also seem to apply: I noticed that the more we deal with the same clients, the better, provided we have a group to serve, not only one person. If it is a group, we have the opportunity of, for instance, shifting the focus of our attention. With this, wonders may happen, such as what happened to me more recently: When the focus is shifted, and attention is mostly given to a usually neglected member, for instance, we may end up with a much better overall result. 

In Medical Interpreting, in special, optimization of effort comes from best result to the doctor in terms of information, and this will include even the color of the phlegm, best result to the interpreter in terms of depth, and this will include even learning how to best manage the group at hand, and best results for the NES, and this will include largest amount of recommendations, insights, solutions, etc. that they can get. 

I am now surprised with how much Psychology is relevant ALSO in this setup: Our class can benefit quite a lot from learning techniques and theories that appear in association with this beautiful discipline. 

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