Friday, 31 March 2017

Family Name and Australia

Today and yesterday I had problems with my passport because the Australian systems demand that I write my family name then my given names. First of all, they only have surnames and names in the Brazilian system. In second place, traditionally, in Brazil, your kids will inherit one name from the mother (last one) and one name from the father (last one), so that the name of what I myself call family is only the last name I have. Our family of origin, however, let's say, had both names, the one that came from my mother (last one) and the one that came from my father (last one). That could also be told to be my family. In this way, family name is a very confusing expression and, as such, could never be used in documents, which are supposed to be objective things. Given names, first name, middle name, and last name, I notice, is something that will always confuse those who come from Brazil. There we have one more thing that is absolutely wrong and should definitely be simplified: Why doesn't Australia use surname and name? That sounds simpler and way less confusing. 

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