Monday, 3 April 2017

Reading Letter by Letter

Today I got a really nice officer asking my client to read a certain line from a board and reproduce the letters on a piece of paper. I got clients that had to read letters from boards before, but nobody ever had this idea. They were usually medical tests. This was for driving. The thing is that some of my clients cannot really spell, so that they say Greek I, for instance, instead of Y (in Portuguese), they also say Gã Gã, which is perhaps the sound of G in Portuguese, instead of G. We do get used to those, but takes us a while. It is all very difficult the first time. This system, of asking them to write down the letters they see, works well for both sides, I reckon. In this way, what is being tested is exclusively their eye sight, and that is their intention with the test, they all say. 

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