Tuesday, 27 June 2017

God and the Lexicon

Lexicon tells us a bit about the work of the lexicographers. The sigmatoid god is what Kory Stamper decides to mention. I also talk about them when I write about The Sorites Paradox. Here she proves to people like Dominic Hyde that the work is way more than Mathematics: She thinks about it, she consults professionals in the area where they most use the sigmatoid, and sometimes she takes more than 6 months to get to a final resolution. This is obviously something similar to translation, which is exactly what I said to Trevor in the end of 2001: I found it easy to solve The Sorites because I have broad formation, or better, specific formation that is deep in several and very different areas, such as Mathematics, IT, and Language. I do understand their difficulties, since they think like the usual Brazilian academic: They spent their lives studying only one discipline. All they can see there is what they studied. In their case, it is Logic. The problem is that the problem itself, The Sorites, involves way more than that. I have said that in my work: Our solution has to involve at least as many areas and subareas as the own problem after it is rewritten in a scientific manner. That is also why I wrote Words for Science

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